Foam Kits and Templates

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Mandalorian Helmet 

Trying to build that perfect mandalorian armor? Can't afford beskar? Well then we got you covered! Enjoy the light weight comfort of eva foam. What you get is a full kit of precision laser cut (cause I mean lasers are awesome) foam. Not only is it laser cut (again with the awesome) it is labeled for assembly and has easy to follow instructions... with pictures! You can basically go from opening the package top fully assembled shouldn't take more than an hour. Then all you have to paint and finish.

Did I mention laser cut!

Instructions for assembly


SpiderMan Faceshell

Love those spiderman suits available everywhere. Hate that faceshell costs more than the suit? What about a comfy one that weighs next to nothing?

Well your in luck! What I got here is a DIY option. Yup I supply the material, cut and ready to become awesome. You supply the glue and some of your time.

For real!

Save that cash for sodas at the con.. yeah I can't help there... sorry tried. But I can with the faceshell.

Disclaimer: not responsible if Nick Fury decides to ruin your vacation to be a hero.

Color of foam may vary, but im going to try to keep it black.

Instruction Links
With Nose Bump

smooth nose


MHA Overhaul Mask

The overhaul mask kit.

Love my hero academia? Hate germs? Well we have you covered.

This is a kit based on the anime / manga. Pictures show samples of what a finished kit could look like.

You get laser cut foam. Yup that's right laser cut. That means your cut edges are smooth and heat sealed. Pretty darn cool and convenient. We also through in the pins, elastic and thread.

Assembly is super easy. Just supply some glue, paint and your done.

Color of base foam may vary

Assembly instructions link -->!Mr4zAaYZ!TadX3o_3Gjm_zgEJKQVYZGwAfEqZowCsfLWeDKbagag