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Deadpool 2 Knife and Sheath.jpg

Deadpool 2 Knife and Sheath

The sheath is 3d printed in PLA plastic and includes 2 adjustable straps with quick release buckles.

The knife is cast in resin from the same knife the prop was based on. Edge will be dull for Cosplay safety and to comply with most con rules. The blades are also semi flexible.

Contagion Mask.jpg

Contagion Couture Mask Template

Contagion Couture in the style of the apocalypse. Don't let the bug keep you down...and look cool doing it!

What you get is a digital template for download. This can be used for leather work, EVA foam, cardboard, fabric...etc.

Your files will be available for instant download once payment is confirmed.

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SM Face Shell.jpg

Spiderman Style Face Shell - Smooth Nose

Love those Spiderman suits available everywhere? Hate that face shells cost more than the suit? What about a comfy one that weighs next to nothing? 


I supply the material, cut, and you get ready to become awesome. Just supply the glue and some of your time. 


Color of foam may vary, but I'm going to try to keep it black. Instructions included.

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Halo Gun 2.jpg

Magnum from Halo

This is the magnum pistol as seen in halo 5. This was taken for actual game references and sized to fit in a person's hand. 

Prop may require further painting and finish work to achieve the look you would like.

Colors may vary on kit parts, and should not be a be a problem if you are going to further paint and finish the prop. 

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Capt Marvel Inspired Accents

There's so many versions of this iconic star. But these here are pretty. Pretty freaking awesome! So, if you'd like your outfit to be more awesome, grab one of these. Looking for a more classic style, hip sash with that movie styling? It's right here also. Get one, either or better yet, both.

Each item is hand made. Slight variations in colors, hues and hardness are to be expected if purchased separately, but if you buy a set, they will match.

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Overhaul Mask Kit.jpg

Overhaul Mask

This is a kit based on the anime/manga. This is what a finished kit could look like.

You get laser cut foam, so your cut edges are smooth and heat sealed. We also throw in the pins, elastic and thread.

Assembly is easy, and requires glue and paint to complete. Color of base foam may vary.


EVA Foam Scales

You get the finest, laser cut, 3mm EVA foam. If that's not all, you also get 28 strips, containing between 9-10 scales each. The scales are about 1.5 inches long to boot...So if you want to be that mermaid, dragon, fish, or lizard, we got what you need. If you want to add cool scales to your armor or Cosplay project...well you can can do that too. 

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Spiderman Style Face Shell - Nose Bump

This description is almost identical to the Spiderman Style Face Shell with the smooth nose, minus one guessed it! It has a nose bump, if you prefer this look over the other.

The link to purchase is the same, just select the nose bump option.

Color of foam may vary, but I'm going to try to keep it black. Instructions included.

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DP Deluxe.jpg

Deadpool Deluxe Knife

For those wanting the Deadpool 1 knife as close as possible to screen accurate, we've got it for you.

It's cast from the real knife, but Cosplay safe.

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RR Sword.jpg

Redhood Ronin Sword

The Redhood Ronin...This is one of the sweetest versions of Redhood, out there. Well, here we have an a printable 3D model of his sword.

What you get is an STL model suitable for 3D printing.

Your files will be available for immediate download once payment is confirmed.

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Light Up Eye Lenses

Standard lenses are 2 1/2 inches long, and 5/8 inches wide. The usable light up area is 2 1/8 inches long, and 5/8 inches wide.


Other sizes and shapes would fall under custom.


Lenses are hand made and tested. They come in 5 different colors. You can choose to order this with or without a battery box.

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Halo Gun 1.jpg

ODST SMG from Halo

Kits come printed with no finish work (sanding, painting, support material, no metal rod). Colors may vary on kit parts. Kit instructions included.

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Ninja BM.jpg

Ninja Batman Eye Mask

Ninja Batman! Wait...What?...A group of Ninja Batmen! You've seen the movie and wanted to be part of the clan. Well, here is your chance. Help take down Joker once and for all!

What you're getting is a digital file suitable for 3D printing.

Your files will be available for instant download, once payment is confirmed.

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ME Pistol.jpg

Predator Pistol from Mass Effect

This is the M-3 Predator Pistol as seen in the Mass Effect game series.


It's printed in one piece, so no seems, no glueing or fitting parts.


It's printed in PLA and will have support material removed along with light sanding/filling to clean support areas.


Item may require further sanding or finishing to achieve a finish more to your liking. Further finishing by us will be offered separately.

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